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Saint Petroc

(As seen on the flag of Devon) Saint Petroc is one of the Patrons of Cornwall, alongside St. Piran and St. Michael the Archangel. Born in the 5th century A.D., St.Petroc is remembered for ministering to the Brythonic celts of Dumnonia, that is modern day Cornwall and Devon. Thanks to St. Petroc’s faithful labour for the glory of God, including founding many monasteries throughout Cornwall, many pagans came to embrace Christ. Among the coverts was King Constantine ofCornwall, who would go on to become a missionary and then a martyr himself.

The Saint is also remembered as a friend to animals, as all versions of his life claim that Petroc had tame wolves among his companions. On stained glass windows St. Petroc is often depicted with a deer, because according to tradition, he particularly loved and protected these animals, more than once saving them from hunters. He reposed c. 564 A.D.The English county of Devon adopted a flag known as ‘Saint Petroc’s Cross’ in 2003, based on a design and name suggested by a local student. The green represents the colour of the rolling and lush Devon hills, the black represents the high and windswept moors (Dartmoor and Exmoor), while the white represents both the salt spray of Devon's two coastlines.

Saint Petroc is commemorated on June 4/17.

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