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Saint Patrick’s Cross

Saint Patrick is well-known even among the Heterodox and wider secular culture as the Patron Saint and Enlightener of the Irish. He was born in 385 A.D. in a village at the mouth of the Severn River located in modern day Wales. As a youth, he was captured during a tribal raid and sold into slavery in Ireland. Enduring this trial for six years, St. Patrick would constantly pray to the Lord. Eventually, God prepared a miraculous way home for Patrick, who swiftly returned to his parents.

He soon trained for the Priesthood in Gaul and later received the rank of Bishop, then entrusted with a mission to the Irish. There were also other missionaries who were active on the southeast coast of Ireland, but it was Saint Patrick who had the greatest influence and success in preaching the Gospel of Christ. Therefore, he is known as “The Enlightener of Ireland.” A well known tradition recounts how the Saint preached Doctrine of the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans by way of analogy using the three-leaf clover.

Saint Patrick’s Cross (or St. Patrick’s Saltire) became associated with Ireland in the 18th century and the Irish have recognized theSaint as their nation’s patron since time immemorial.

Saint Patrick is commemorated on March 17/30.

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