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Flag of Saint Ninian

Saint Ninian is one of the Saints of Scotland, who lived inthe 4th century A.D. He is known as the Apostle to the Picts and recognized as a wonder worker. Born to Roman-British parents, as a young man he met St. Martin of Tours who inspired him to one day preach the Gospel of Christ to his native land. Studying in Rome, Ninian eventually was consecrated to the dignity of Bishop, and soon returned to his native Britain. There, he settled in the Whitehorn peninsula in Scotland and founded a monastery from which he fruitfully converted many of the Picts of that region to Christianity.

During his life he also performed many miracles, and continues to do so after his repose in the 5th century A.D. The flag of Caithness bears a Nordic cross and heralds back to St. Ninian, who first enlightened the Pictish Tribe of Catt who lived in that land. The black on the flag recalls the county's geology with the famous Caithness flagstone, whilst the gold and blue refer to the beaches and sea to reinforce the maritime nature of the county and its heritage. InIn the first quarter is charged a galley, which is the traditional emblem of Caithness, including a raven upon its sail as it appears in the county's civic arms.

Saint Ninian is commemorated on September 16/29.

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