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Flag of Saint George the Great Martyr

Saint George the Great Martyr is much-beloved across the world and venerated as the Patron of many nations, including England, Russia,Georgia, Ethiopia- just to name but a few. As a man, he entered into the Roman Army, where the EmperorDiocletian eventually raised him to the rank of commander for his valiance and bravery. When the emperor intensified his persecution of Christians, Saint George appeared before the Senate to confess his faith as a Christian.

The emperor, who admired George, attempted to persuade the soldier to offer sacrifice to the Roman gods in order to spare his life.Refusing to betray the Lord, George instead endured many tortures and sufferings, through which God demonstrated many miracles. Many pagan on-lookers came to repent and confess Christ, including Diocletian’s wife, the EmpressAlexandra.Enraged, the emperor sentenced George and those who came to Christ through him to execution. Giving thanks to God, the holy Great Martyr George bent his neck beneath the sword, receiving the crown of martyrdom on April 23, 303 A.D.

St. George is also known for slaying a dragon by calling on Christ and the protection of the Holy Cross. St. George’s Cross is red on a white field, the red representing the martyr’s shed blood. It has appeared on the standards of many kingdoms, most notably those of England, Georgia and Genoa.

Saint George is commemorated on April 23/May 6.

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