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Flag of Saint Crispin

The martyr Saint Crispin and his brother Saint Crispinianare the patrons of cobblers, curriers, and other leather working professions.They lived in the 3rd Century AD. during the reign of Diocletian. They were born to Roman Nobles and, as men, fled persecution to settle in Soissons in Gaul. Together, they worked to bring the Faith of Christ to Gaul, preaching in the streets of Soissons during the day, and making shoes at night. The brothers were known for their charity and piety, and many were converted through their example and their renunciation of worldly possessions. Their success attracted the ire of Rictus Varus, governor of Belgic Gaul, who had them tortured and thrown into the river with millstones around their necks. Though they survived, they were beheaded by the Emperor c. 286 A.D.

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"Ours must be an orthodoxy of the heart, not just the mind."

-St.Tikhon of Zadonsk