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Flag of Saint Cadoc

Saint Cadoc (Cattwg) is the Patron of Glamorgan andMonmouthshire, and one of the Patron Saints of Wales. Born c. 497 A.D., Saint Cadoc was a 5th to 6th-century Abbot of Llancarfan, near Cowbridge inGlamorgan, Wales, a monastery famous as a centre of learning. Born in Monmouthshireto King Gwynllyw the Bearded, brother of St. Petroc (June 4/17), as an adult he refused to fight in his father’s army instead “preferring to fight for Christ.”He founded his first monastery at Llancarfan in the Vale of Glamorgan, and from there he went to Ireland to study for three years. Cadoc is credited with the establishment of many churches in Cornwall, Brittany, Dyfed and Scotland.Returning to Britain, Cadoc was involved in the Saxon occupation of the British lands. He was martyred by the Saxons near Weedon, England c. 580 A.D. Saint Cadoc’s flag is the flag of Monmouthshire, the location of his birth and upbringing. The flag was the heraldic arms of the Welsh Kingdom of Gwent. As with the French Royal Standard, it bears three Fleur-de-lis which symbolise the purity of the Virgin Theotokos.

Saint Cadoc is commemorated on September 25/October 8

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