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Flag of Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland, is sometimes known as “the First-called”. Two of the Gospel accounts record how Andrew and his brother Simon (later St. Peter) were fishermen when Our Lord Jesus Christ called them to follow Him and be “fishers of men”. In contrast, the Gospel according to St. John records how St. Andrew was once a follower of St. John the Forerunner, who sent him with another to follow Christ. FollowingPentecost, St. Andrew founded many local churches, including in Constantinople (then Byzantium). The Cross (Saltire) of St. Andrew symbolises the manner by which he was martyred. According to tradition, St. Andrew requested he not be crucified in the same manner of the Lord, as he deemed himself unworthy of that honour. Instead, he was crucified on an ‘x’-shaped cross.

Saint Andrew is commemorated on November 30/December 12.

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