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Cross of Saint Wite of Dorset

Saint Wite (Candida) is the Patron of Dorset in England. Little is known about her life, except that she was a local righteous woman who lived in the 9th Century A.D. in Charmouth, now a spot three kilometres away from the village of Whitchurch Canonicorum, where her relics have been kept to this day. She is thought to have been a female anchorite who was martyred by heathen Danes. Despite this lack of knowledge of her life, one of the most beloved and visited saints, venerated by modern Orthodox living in the UK.

Her veneration has continued for over a millennium without interruption, as her relics have remained undisturbed in their resting-places from before the Norman Conquest and even through the tumultuous Reformation. Today numerous miracles still occur by the prayers of St. Wite of Dorset both near her relics and her holy well.The Cross of St. Wite reflect both her native Dorset and her martyrdom. The gold field represents the wheat fields of that region, and thered-bordered cross represents her holiness and martyrdom for Christ.

St. Wite is commemorated on June 1/14

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