Late November saw the start of the renovations to the newly purchased building, formerly St. Luke's Anglican in Brantford, Ontario. His Eminence, Archbishop Irénée, blessed the mission dedicated to Saint George the Victorious, to provide a new, English-language Orthodox parish hub for those living in the three counties surrounding the city of Brantford.

The parish executive at All Saints of North America in Hamilton, overseeing the development of St. George's, divided the work on the new Brantford parish into three stages: structural renewal, interior renovations, and adornment/furnishing. Reader Sean Reid, parish warden, began the work with two contractors to restore the church roof and repair some water damage, as well as installing support rods across the width of the nave. Deacon Mark Luimes led a team on their first forays into demolition, in order to level the altar area, in preparation for the new walls and floor work to follow. The team is already planning for the relocation and adapting of existing church woodwork into a new icon screen, in keeping with the interior of the church.

With God's help, it is hoped that stages one and two will be completed by January 2016, at which time the adornment and furnishing of the new parish can begin. Already, Father Geoffrey has begun assembling the necessary liturgical materials. The Lord has truly provided: one brother clergy made contact with a used Orthodox liturgical items distributor in the United States, and will be bringing a number of fine liturgical items to be used at the new parish. A number of parish priests have also been in touch with our team, offering liturgical implements, vestments, and icons, which will help equip the church.

With these efforts well underway, several tasks remain:

• Exterior landscaping and cleanup is needed, before the winter snows set in;

• A full interior painting job to refresh the building is scheduled to take place before the first services are offered;

• Once springtime arrives, the hardwood doors of the church need refinishing, to withstand seasonal temperature changes;

• With the completion of an icon screen, a holy table and other altar furnishings must be constructed or secured;

• Altar covers, icon stands, and icon stand covers must be completed by volunteer or commercial efforts;

• Additional vestments must be completed or found, to more fully equip the church for services.

If you or someone you know is prayerfully moved to assist with any of these stages in the readying of this new mission project, please contact Father Geoffrey Korz at:, or at the church line at: tel. 905-318-6436. +

"Ours must be an orthodoxy of the heart, not just the mind."

-St.Tikhon of Zadonsk