The most commonly misread words in the Scriptures

Midian (MID-ee-an) - a place name.

persecutor - Often misread as "pre-" secutor.

deigned (DANE-d) - Often confused with "designed".

reproachest (re-PROACH-est) - traditional English for "reproaches".

undefiled (un-de-FILE-d) - unsoiled, clean. Should not be misread as "defiled", since this gives the opposite meaning.

countenance (COUN-ten-ance) - refers to the face or visage (usually of the Lord); not to be confused with CON-tinence (the ability to exercise self-control over the bladder or the sexual drives) or in-CON-tinence (the lack of ability to control the bladder).

endowed (en-DOWD) - bestowed, given by God; should not be mispronounced "en-DOED" (which is not a word, but which would mean to be given a female deer).

enliven (en-LIVE-n) - to give life; should not be mispronounced "en-LIV-in".

prophesy (PRAW-fess-SIGH) verb - to predict; not to be confused with prophecy (noun - PRAW-fess-SEE) - a specific prediction.

hearken (HAR-kin) verb - to hear; not to be pronounced "HEER-kin", which would presumably refer to the capacity to pick up the sound of family members.

whilst (WILE-st) - during, at the same time as; should not be pronounced "WILL-st", which is neither a word, nor an upper-crust pronunciation of whilst.

salutation (SAL-u-TAY-shun) noun - a salute, a greeting; not to be confused with salvation (noun - to save).

laver (LAH-ver) noun - a washing, a lather; not to be mispronounced "LAY-ver".

Chaldees (KAL-deez) - proper noun: people that live in Chaldea. Not to be mispronounced "CHAL-deez".

"Ours must be an orthodoxy of the heart, not just the mind."

-St.Tikhon of Zadonsk