From the new book from Saint Herman Press, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

That our thoughts determine if our 'presence' will bring good or evil

"If our thoughts are kind, peaceful and quiet, turned only towards good, then we also influence ourselves and radiate peace all around us --- in our family, in the whole country, everywhere. ... When we labor in the fields of the Lord, we create harmony. Divine harmony, peace and quiet spread everywhere. However, when we breed negative thoughts, that is a great evil. When there is evil in us, we radiate it among our family members and everywhere we go. So you see, we can be very good or very evil. If that's the way it is, it is certainly better to choose good!"

That we must always guard the 'atmosphere of heaven' within us

"We can keep guard over the whole world by keeping guard over the atmosphere of heaven within us; for if we lose the Kingdom of Heaven, we will save neither ourselves nor others. He who has the Kingdom of God within himself will imperceptibly pass it on to others. People will be attracted to the peace and warmth in us; they will want to hear us, and the atmosphere of heaven will gradually pass on to them. It is not even necessary to speak to people about this. The atmosphere heaven will radiate from us even when we keep silent, or talk about ordinary things. It will radiate from us even though we may not be aware of it."

That God is Omniscient and Omnipresent

"The Lord is present everywhere, and nothing happens without His will or His permission --- either in this life or eternity. When we accept this idea, everything is made easier. If God would allow us to do everything the way we desire and when we desire, this would certainly result in catastrophe. One cannot even imagine the chaos that would occur."

"Ours must be an orthodoxy of the heart, not just the mind."

-St.Tikhon of Zadonsk