All Saints of North America Orthodox Church (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

Resources - Biblical

The Holy Bible (KJV, Brenton - complete Orthodox Canon of Scripture)
Scripture of the Day (Julian calendar)

Resources - Liturgical

Parish Mission Tools

Blessing of Baskets at the Vigil of Pascha
Preparing for a House Blessing
Liturgical Gestures
Saint George Day Festival
Santa Lucia Festival - Learn More
Santa Lucia Festival - Host a Festival
Building a Successful Orthodox Christian Fellowship on Campus
Chinese Missions Dinner Event Planning Guide

A Guide to Confession:
   Practical Questions for Orthodox Christians preparing for Holy Confession
A Guide to Confession for Young People:
   Practical Questions for Orthodox Christian young people preparing for Holy Confession
Holy Communion:
   A Guide to Preparation, Reception, and Conduct Following the Holy Mysteries
The 5 Stages of Sin
   Understanding the Reasons We Do the Things We Do, AND the Things We Hate
The Road Out of Sin - Part 2 of The 5 Stages of Sin
   Effective Ways to Break the Chains of Addiction & Obsession and Win Back True Freedom in Your Life
For Those Wounded By Abortion

Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty - Cultivating Beauty That Lasts

A Search for Wholeness - An Orthodox Response to Organ Donation and Retrieval

Resources - Hagiography and Spiritual Writings

Blessed Xenia the Homeless Wanderer:
   Patron of those seeking work, a home, or a spouse
Saint Nectarius The Wonderworker:
   Patron of Cancer Sufferers
Martyr and Duchess Elizabeth:
   The Royal Martyr
Saint Evgeny Rodionov:
   Modern Martyr and Warrior for Christ

Why Orthodox?
   Right Worship and the Word "Orthodox"
The Prayer Rope:
   Meditations of a Monk of the Holy Mountain Athos
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos
   On Feasts and Sundays
Mystical Path of a Russian Pilgrim
   From the Classic Mystical Narrative - The Way of a Pilgrim
The DaVinci Fraud - A Challenge
   Ten Questions for Orthodox Christians
On the "Gospel" of Judas
   Blasphemy for Profit
Whose Delusion?
   Orthodoxy's Place in the Contemporary God Debate
If God is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Проповеди Преосвященнаго Николая, Епископа Алеутскаго и Аляскинскаго
  Preaching of Right-Reverened Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska (in Russian)
   by Bishop Nicholas (Ziorov), published 1897

The Holy Orthodox Church - Ritual, Services, and Sacraments of the Eastern Apostolic (Greek-Russian) Church
   by Fr. Sebastian Dabovich, published 1898

The Lives of the Saints, and Several Lectures and Sermons
   by Fr. Sebastian Dabovich, published 1898

Preaching in the Russian Church: or, Lectures and Sermons by a Priest of the Holy Orthodox Church
   by Fr. Sebastian Dabovich, published 1899

Prologue from Ohrid (Lives of Saints), Resources for Prayer and Worship - Gateway to Ancient Mystical Christianity
My Life in Christ (St. John of Kronstadt)
Way of the Ascetics (Tito Colliander)
Orthodox Christian Booklets (
Holy Trinity Orthodox School (follow "Textbooks" button)
A Pocket Church History for Orthodox Christians by Fr. Hieromonk Aidan (Keller)
Spiritual Sayings of the Fathers (Balamand Monastery, Lebanon)
The Apostolic Fathers (St. Clement, St. Ignatios, St. Polycarp)
The Jesus Prayer Resource Library
The Craft and Art of Prayer Rope Tying

Orthodox Talks by Fr Kosmas - MP3 Downloads

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