All Saints of North America Orthodox Church (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

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397 Melvin Avenue (at Woodward Avenue)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
tel. (905) 318-6436

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Schedule of Services

All Services are in English. We follow the Julian Calendar.

Saturday Evening
6:00 PM Vespers

Sunday Morning
10:00 AM Reading of the Hours, Divine Liturgy to follow

Saturday Vespers, Sunday Liturgies, and all classes/catechisms are held at the church location at 397 Melvin Avenue, in Hamilton.

Some midweek services are held at the domestic chapel. Please call (905) 318-6436 for information.

Parish History

All Saints of North America Orthodox Community was born in 2001 as an informal meeting of several English-speaking Orthodox faithful who assembled for regular Vespers and Typica services with the blessing of His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Ottawa. The community has been blessed to receive many new converts to Orthodoxy over the years. Since May 2003, with the ordination of Father Geoffrey Korz to the priesthood, we have enjoyed regular Liturgies. From September 2003 to December 2005, we moved for Sunday morning Liturgy into the lower level of the St. Stephen's Anglican hall.

In January of 2006, the parish moved to a commercial space above a dental office at 117 Queenston Road in Hamilton. This church location allowed easy access from the local highways, as well as roomy facilities for services, luncheons, and the Desert Wisdom Bookroom, an Orthodox book and supply shop run by the parish.

In January of 2009, a new church building was purchased at 397 Melvin Avenue at Woodward Avenue, in the heart of Hamilton's East End. With the help of many donors, friends, volunteers, and an excellent crew, renovations on the new building took many months of careful labour on the former bank building. The parish moved into the new church in January 2010, now enjoying an accessible building, worthily appointed for the worship of God, with meeting and fellowship space for the faithful. A newly-expanded Desert Wisdom Bookroom opened around Pascha 2010.

Our community continues to grow, and we remain deeply convinced of the need for an Orthodox mission in the English language in this hub of the "Golden Horseshoe" region of southern Ontario, and prayerfully look to Our Lord's Holy Mother and all the saints of North America for their prayers to send to us those who are truly willing to labour in this field.

All Services are in English. We follow the Julian Calendar.


Please join us for the Hierarchical Visit of His Eminence Archbishop IRÉNÉE on Sunday, November 15 (Note the new date) - Hours 10am - Divine Liturgy 10:30am. Potluck Luncheon & Social with Archbishop to follow.

Sunday, December 20, 2015 - following Divine Liturgy
Traditional Baking - Saint Lucia Procession - Music
A Wonderful Day to Invite Guests to Visit Our Parish and the Desert Wisdom Book Room

Eve of Nativity, Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Vespers 5pm - Potluck 6pm
Christmas Eve Concert - Great Compline 8pm
Musicians, singers, and poets - both children and adults - are invited to be part of the Christmas Eve Concert following dinner

Nativity of Our Lord, Thursday, January 7, 2016
Divine Liturgy - 10am (Followed by Luncheon)
Please RSVP for Luncheon in advance to



View Pamphlet Reserve Tickets Orthodox Institute on the Family - Conference Series 2015

Tainted Love: The Problem With Romance
Friday November 20th
Father Geoffrey Korz

Fiction, Fantasy & Spiritual Life
Friday December 4th
Father Matthew Penney


Spiritual Experiences from Our British Pilgrimage
with guest speaker Father Geoffrey Korz, Rector,
All Saints of North America Orthodox Church
Sunday November 15th, 2015 - 1pm

Spiritual Memories from The Holy Land: A Pilgrimage
with guest speaker Miroljub (Milos) Petrovic
Sunday December 6th, 2015 - 1pm

Romanian Holiness
with guest speaker Dr. Traian Pirvu, PhD,
Professor of Mathematics, McMaster University
January 2016 (TBA)

A Mount Athos Pilgrimage
with guest speaker Konstantin (Slawomir) Sawin
Professor of Mathematics, McMaster University
Sunday February 14th 2016 - 1pm

Pastoral Notes

Our Parish Community MEALS Ministry provides meals for people during recovery from surgery, to new parents, and to others in short term need. If you or someone you know is in this situation, please contact our Meals Ministry Co-ordinator Bethany Reid at (905) 309-6968 or

WE WISH MANY BLESSED YEARS to those celebrating birthdays and namesdays, to Angela L. (Nov 3rd Birthday), Claudia A. (Oct 27/Nov 9 Namesday - St Claudia Procla), Patti O. (Nov 9 Bday), Matushka Linda (Oct 29/Nov 11 Namesday - St Ermelindis), John J. (Nov 20 Bday), Michael D., Michael. P., Gabriel P., Reader Michael, Maria T., Angelica C. (Nov 8/21 Namesday), Reader Sean (Nov 9/22 Namesday - St John the Dwarf), Michael D. (Nov 30 Bday), Zeina N. (Dec 6 Bday), Julia R. (Dec 10 Bday), Meagan (Marina) L. (Dec 13 Bday), John J. (Dec 3/16 Namesday - St John the Silent), Kira S. (Dec. 4/17 Namesday - St. Kira of Petersberg), Nicholas M. (Dec 6/19 Namesday), Serene Anastasia P. (Dec 9/22 Namesday), Virginia (Anastasia) H. (Dec 9/22 Namesday), Shannon L. (Dec 25 Bday), Dan O. (Dec 17/30 Namesday), Daniel P. (Dec 17/30 Namesday). Please advise the priest of any other occasions.

PARISH BULLETINS are now available online at Whether you did not receive one at Liturgy on Sunday, were away, or missed church, you can access the parish bulletins through a simple download from DropBox, through the parish website link.

AKATHIST PRAYERS will be offered each Wednesday night for particular needs of the faithful. Please see the parish calendar for details, and plan to attend these services, offered in the middle of each week for the health, strength and salvation of the faithful.

PRAYING FOR OUR PARISH FAMILY - An insert is included with the mailed version of this calendar - please remember these names daily in your prayers. You can e-mail to forward requests for prayer to our Orthodox Prayer Circle, a circle of faithful sisters who will pray daily for any needs requested. Our prayers for each other are important - please pray daily for each member of the parish, and for the departed.

ALL ARE WELCOME to come forward after Liturgy for prayers for their own health, for travel, for those seeking or starting employment or projects, and for women who are expecting a child. Please feel free to speak to the priest privately for these prayers, if this is preferred.

EMAIL LIST: If you would like to add or remove a name from the parish email list, please contact Father Geoffrey at

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Parish Telephone
(905) 318-6436

Parish Priest
Rev. Geoffrey Korz, Priest-in-Charge
(905) 387-6907

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