All Saints of North America Orthodox Church (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

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397 Melvin Avenue (at Woodward Avenue)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
tel. (905) 318-6436

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Schedule of Services

All Services are in English. We follow the Julian Calendar.

Saturday Morning
10:00 AM Reading of the Hours,
10:30 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday Evening
6:00 PM Vespers

Sunday Morning
10:00 AM Reading of the Hours,
10:30 AM Divine Liturgy

(All times are approximate)

Saturday Vespers, Sunday Liturgies, and all classes/catechisms are held at the church location at 397 Melvin Avenue, in Hamilton.

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Schedule of Services Register to Attend Our Services Register to Attend Our Services

Because of government-imposed restrictions, all attendees must pre-register with our parish secretary at to ensure their space for all Services.

Spaces are limited - please register in advance.

If you are unable to keep your registration, please contact the secretary 48 hours ahead of the service to allow other faithful a chance to receive Holy Communion at the Liturgy.

If the government-imposed restrictions are making it difficult for you to be accommodated for a spot to attend the Holy Services and receive Holy Communion, please feel free to email Fr. Geoffrey at or call (905) 318-6436, and we will make arrangements to ensure you are able to receive the Holy Mysteries.

Parish History

All Saints of North America Orthodox Community was born in 2001 as an informal meeting of several English-speaking Orthodox faithful who assembled for regular Vespers and Typica services with the blessing of His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Ottawa. The community has been blessed to receive many new converts to Orthodoxy over the years. Since May 2003, with the ordination of Father Geoffrey Korz to the priesthood, we have enjoyed regular Liturgies. From September 2003 to December 2005, we moved for Sunday morning Liturgy into the lower level of the St. Stephen's Anglican hall.

In January of 2006, the parish moved to a commercial space above a dental office at 117 Queenston Road in Hamilton. This church location allowed easy access from the local highways, as well as roomy facilities for services, luncheons, and the Desert Wisdom Bookroom, an Orthodox book and supply shop run by the parish.

In January of 2009, a new church building was purchased at 397 Melvin Avenue at Woodward Avenue, in the heart of Hamilton's East End. With the help of many donors, friends, volunteers, and an excellent crew, renovations on the new building took many months of careful labour on the former bank building. The parish moved into the new church in January 2010, now enjoying an accessible building, worthily appointed for the worship of God, with meeting and fellowship space for the faithful. A newly-expanded Desert Wisdom Bookroom opened around Pascha 2010.

Our community continues to grow, and we remain deeply convinced of the need for an Orthodox mission in the English language in this hub of the "Golden Horseshoe" region of southern Ontario, and prayerfully look to Our Lord's Holy Mother and all the saints of North America for their prayers to send to us those who are truly willing to labour in this field.

All Services are in English. We follow the Julian Calendar.

News Helps Orthodox Mission Work

Over the last year, we've set up an online connection at the Hamilton parish website,, which allows individuals to make both one-time donations, as well as regular monthly donations. For small and medium-sized donations, CanadaHelps is an excellent, efficient way to ensure your help in our mission efforts can be put to use right away. Arranging monthly online donations are a particular help to the work of the church, since they provide stability to maintain everyday, necessary administration and site functions (including covering the ever-growing cost of utilities), leaving our clergy and faithful free to concentrate on the main work of the holy services, catechism, and Church outreach.

Each donation is subject to a processing fee, plus a surcharge of about 3% of the total amount - thus, for a gift of $100, about $3 dollars will go to the fee, another $3 dollars will go to the surcharge, and about $94 will go to the church. As such, those wishing to make a larger donation to the mission work of the Church are encouraged to make it directly to the parishes, using cheque or money order, in order to avoid substantial loss due to the fee structure.

For most donors, CanadaHelps provides a smooth and ideal option to regularly support the work of Christ's Church, minimizing the inconvenience of scheduling donations each month and preparing cheques or donation envelopes.

Please visit, and sign up for this worthwhile service.

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A Note to Our Donors

May God bless your generosity! Please remember to make cheques to the parish payable to "ALL SAINTS OF NORTH AMERICA ORTHODOX CHURCH". Charitable receipts will be issued at year end.

Please note that in a few instances, banks have refused to accept cheques made out to "ASNA" or "ASNA Orthodox" - please use the full name of the parish. Your help is much appreciated!

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The Mystery of Marriage: A Fellowship of Love
by Hieromonk Gregorios

This book examines, on the basis of Holy Scripture and the writing of the Holy Fathers of the Church, the Orthodox understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage. In addition to explaining the sacrament itself, Hieromonk Gregorios spends considerable time on the spousal relationship, both prior to and after the marriage, with a view to helping couples understand how to establish a strong and lasting bond of love under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

For Mind and Heart: St. Nektarios as Teacher

It is often observed that St. Nektarios' well-earned reputation as a wonderworker has largely overshadowed his other feats and accomplishments. Numbered among these oft-forgotten contributions is the bequest he has made to the sphere of education, a bequest under-girded by a rare, insurmountable desire to both learn and teach. From the time the Saint could read the 50th Psalm, he began repeating and emphasizing the line, I shall teach transgressors Thy ways, and the ungodly shall turn back unto Thee. From the time his little hands could manage, be began sewing together little booklets in order to disseminate God's words. Youthful expressions of that desire to teach are interpreted in this book as foreshadowing the significant educational work which would occupy a central, albeit oft-overlooked, place in his life and spiritual legacy.

NewRome Press Orthodox Christian Prayer Book

This new 230pp edition is a round-back hardcover bound in blue cloth with gold-stamping. It has been beautifully printed in full-color, with many icons, gilded edges and two page-marker ribbons. This English language text includes Morning Prayers, Vespers, Small Compline, the Salutations to the Theotokos, Small Paraklesis, Prayers Before Meals, the Lesser Hours, Preparation for Holy Communion, Thanksgiving After Holy Communion, and a Paschalion through 2029. It also includes two sections by St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain: Prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ (written in the style of an Akathist) and Safeguard for the Soul (a thirty-day on spiritual watchfulness).

Read more and view previews at, or visit the Desert Wisdom Book Room at All Saints of North America Orthodox Church to purchase these and hundreds of other outstanding titles.


The PARISH ANNUAL MEETING normally scheduled in January, will take place at a date to be announced, as soon as practical. Please watch your email for the announcement.

Items will include:
- Installation of Parish Executive - State of the Parish Report
- Financial & Givings Report - Parish Ministry Reports - Parish Bylaws Update

Pastoral Notes

THE BLESSING OF HOMES - will take place upon request. Since the normal Theophany house blessing season was disrupted due to government-imposed lockdowns, those faithful who have not had their homes blessed in the last year or more should contact the priest to make arrangements to do so at a mutually agreeable time.

CHARITABLE WORKS - A charitable works collection for the care of those in need who approach the parish for assistance will be taken up on Sunday, May 9th and Sunday, June 13th. Please be generous in your support of this ministry.

PLEASE KEEP UP YOUR TITHE during the period of the shutdown. To the extent that each member's employment situation allows, please remember your tithing pledge each month. The church continues to have virtually unchanged expenses: mortgage, utilities, and salaries. The tithes of our faithful allow us to continue the mission of Christ's Church - keeping the church stable now, so we can function normally at some point in the future - God willing.

QUESTION HOUR / CATECHISM will take place on Sundays during the month of June, following the Divine Liturgy, starting on Sunday, June 6th.

WE WISH MANY BLESSED YEARS TO those celebrating birthdays, namesdays, and anniversaries in May and June. Please contact the priest or secretary to add to our list for weekly commemorations.

PRAYING FOR OUR PARISH FAMILY - You can e-mail Father Geoffrey at: for any needs requested. Our prayers for each other are important - please pray daily for each member of the parish, and for the departed.

ALL ARE WELCOME to come forward after Liturgy for prayers for their own health, for travel, for those seeking or starting employment or projects, and for women who are expecting a child. Please feel free to speak to Father Geoffrey privately for these prayers, if this is preferred.

EMAIL LIST: If you would like to add or remove a name from the parish email list, please contact Father Geoffrey at:

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(905) 318-6436

Parish Clergy
Very Rev. Geoffrey Korz, Archpriest
(905) 387-6907

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