All Saints of North America Orthodox Church (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

Parish Calendar
January 2015 - In which we commemorate the Nativity of Christ

Thu. Jan. 1 - Civil New Year

Sat. Jan. 3 - Martyr Juliana - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Jan. 4 - Sunday Before Nativity - Liturgy 10am; Prayers for New Year
Tue. Jan. 6 - Eve of Nativity - No Liturgy; Vespers 5pm; Great Compline 8pm
Wed. Jan. 7 - Nativity of Christ - Liturgy 10am; Dinner 12pm Noon (Register in Advance); No Akathist

Sat. Jan. 10 - 20,000 Martyrs of Nicodemia - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Jan. 11 - Holy Innocents - Liturgy 10am; Canon for Victims of Abortion to follow
Tue. Jan. 13 - St Melania - No Liturgy; Vespers 6pm
Wed. Jan. 14 - Circumcision of the Lord; St Basil - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead); Akathist to St Seraphim 6pm
Fri. Jan. 16 - Prophet Malachi - Fast Free

Sat. Jan. 17 - Seventy Apostles - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Jan. 18 - Eve of Theophany - Liturgy 10am - Strict fast; Compline 6pm
Mon. Jan. 19 - Theophany; Liturgy 10am; Blessing of Water to follow
Tue. Jan. 20 - Synaxis of John the Baptist - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead)
Wed. Jan. 21 - St George the Chozebite - Akathist to the Mother of God 6pm

Sat. Jan. 24 - St Theodosius the Great - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Jan. 25 - Martyr Tatiana - Liturgy 10am; Blessing of Waters at Lake Ontario; Lunch at Hutch's Restaurant
Tue. Jan. 27 - St Sava; St Nina of Georgia - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead)
Wed. Jan. 28 - St Paul of Thebes - Akathist to St John Maximovitch 6pm

Sat. Jan. 31 - St Athanasius the Great - Vespers 6pm

February 2015 - In which we commemorate the Three Hierarchs, Sts Basil, John & Gregory

Sun. Feb. 1 - St Macarius the Great - Liturgy 10am
Tue. Feb. 3 - St Maximos the Confessor - No Liturgy
Wed. Feb. 4 - St Timothy (70) - Akathist to St Xenia 6pm
Fri. Feb. 6 - St Xenia of Petersburg - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead)

Sat. Feb. 7 - St Gregory the Theologian - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Feb. 8 - St Xenophan - Liturgy 10am
Tue. Feb. 10 - St Ephraim the Syrian - No Liturgy
Wed. Feb. 11 - Translation of the Relics of St Ignatius - Akathist to St Mary of Egypt 6pm
Thu. Feb. 12 - Three Hierarchs - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead)

Sat. Feb. 14 - Martyr Tryphon - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Feb. 15 - Meeting of the Lord / Meatfare Sunday - Liturgy 10am; Blessing of Candles
Tue. Feb. 17 - St Isidore of Pelusium - Liturgy 10am (Chapel - call ahead)
Wed. Feb. 18 - HrMar Agatha - Akathist to St Nectarios 6pm

Sat. Feb. 21 - St Theodore the General - Vespers 6pm
Sun. Feb. 22 - Forgiveness (Cheesefare) Sunday - Liturgy 10am, Forgiveness Vespers to follow
Mon. Feb. 23 - HrMar Charalambos - Canon 6pm (Great Lent Begins)
Tue. Feb. 24 - St Blaise - Canon 6pm; Anointing of Throats to follow
Wed. Feb. 25 - St Meletius of Antioch - Canon 6pm
Thu. Feb. 26 - St Symeon the Myrrhstreamer - Canon 6pm
Fri. Feb. 27 - St Raphael of Brooklyn - Presanctified Liturgy 10am

Sat. Feb. 28 - St Onesimus - Vespers 6pm

Eve of Nativity: Tuesday, January 6, 2015
• Vespers 5pm ; Potluck 6pm
• Christmas Eve Concert - Great Compline 8pm
Musicians, singers, and poets - both children and adults - are invited to be part of the Christmas Eve Concert following dinner

Nativity of Our Lord: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
• Divine Liturgy - 10am (Followed by Luncheon)
Please RSVP for Luncheon in advance to

Short Forms Used Indicate: HrMar: Hieromartyr (Bishop or Priest); (70) Apostle of the Seventy; VrMar: Virgin Martyr; Ap: Apostle; GrMar: Great Martyr, M/Mar: Martyr, OC: Orthodox Circle, OCS: Orthodox Church School

Please call ahead for any services scheduled in the Domestic Chapel.

Services are preceded by reading of the Hours.

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